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Dear College Students:

Due to the spam bots massively spamming the forum, I have made several major modifications on how this forum will work. I am doing this for the integrity of the forum and to combat spam bots! I hate you all, spam bots! 

For starters, the registration process will be in two parts. The first part is validating your student e-mail address. The second part is that I will have to manually activate each validated student e-mail address account before you can make any post to the forum. With that being said, YOU MUST REGISTER WITH YOUR STUDENT E-MAIL ADDRESS. MOREOVER, I WILL DELETE ANY ACCOUNT THAT DOES NOT USE A STUDENT E-MAIL ADDRESS! NO EXCEPTION! 

From now on, every forum post will require me to moderate. In other words, I will have to approve every forum post before it can appear on the forum. I will try my very best to check the forum once a day. 

Good luck, spam bots!

I am doing this to protect college students and the integrity of the forum. I hope you all see this as protection and not me just being mean.


Tony Dang

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