How It Works

Are you looking to buy a lab manual for your course? Do you need to buy a lab manual for your course? Why don't you search the lab manual here to see if one of your peers is selling it? If so, you can reach out to him or her via e-mail, messaging, and/or phone and y'all can meet directly on campus to make the lab manual exchange. If not, there may be someone else at a different college/university who has the lab manual that you need. You can still reach out that person and schedule a campus meet up to make the lab manual exchange.

Please pay very close attention to the selling date because it may not be immediately available for purchase.

The difference between and your local campus textbook exchange is that this a statewide textbook exchange. encompasses all of the colleges and universities lab manual and textbook listings in Georgia made by real students just like you.

Ten Most Recent Lab Manual Listings

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Listing IDNon-copyright imageListed dateStudent IDStudent profile imageSeller namePreferred contact methodTextbook conditionTextbook bindingTypeISBN number (no dashes)TitleEditionAuthor namePublisherInstitutionProfessor nameSelling dateSelling priceSeller note