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Are you looking to buy a textbook for your course? Do you need to buy a textbook for your course? Why don't you search the textbook here to see if one of your peers is selling it? If so, you can reach out to him or her via e-mail, messaging, and/or phone and y'all can meet directly on campus to make the textbook exchange. If not, there may be someone else at a different college/university who has the textbook that you need. You can still reach out that person and schedule a campus meet up to make the textbook exchange.

Please pay very close attention to the selling date because it may not be immediately available for purchase.

The difference between and your local campus textbook exchange is that this a statewide textbook exchange. encompasses all of the colleges and universities lab manual and textbook listings in Georgia made by real students just like you.

Ten Most Recent Textbook Listings

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Listing IDNon-copyright imageListed dateStudent IDStudent profile imageStudent namePreferred contact methodTextbook conditionTextbook bindingTypeISBN number (no dashes)TitleEditionAuthor namePublisherInstitutionProfessor nameSelling dateSelling priceSeller note
202018-12-30 10:21:42323Abdul WahabMessagingLike NewHardcoverTextbook0130290491Software Engineering Theory and Practice2nd EditionShari Lawrence PfleegerPrentice HallKennesaw State University Marietta CampusBen Setzer01/02/2019$5.00Textbook used for Intro to Software Engineering
192018-12-30 10:21:39323Abdul WahabMessagingLike NewHardcoverTextbook0716782928Fundamentals of Data Structures in C++1st EditionEllis HorowitzW.H. Freeman and CompanyKennesaw State University Marietta CampusRashaad Jones01/02/2019$5.00Textbook for Advanced Data Structures class
182018-12-30 10:21:36323Abdul WahabMessagingLike NewPaperbackTextbook0321210255Database Systems4th EditionThomas ConnollyAddison WesleyKennesaw State University Marietta CampusKai Qian01/02/2019$5.00Textbook used for Database Systems (CS 3163)
172018-12-30 10:21:32323Abdul WahabMessagingLike NewPaperbackTextbook9781449632014Java Illuminated An Active Learning Approach3rd EditionJulie AndersonJones & Bartlett LearningKennesaw State University Marietta CampusSusan Vande Ven01/02/2019$5.00Textbook I used for Fall 2014 and Spring 2013 Java 1 and Java 2.
162018-12-30 10:21:30323Abdul WahabMessagingLike NewPaperbackTextbook9780763754891Web Development with JavaScript and Ajax Illuminated1st EditionKai QianJones and Bartlett Illuminated SeriesKennesaw State University Marietta CampusKai Qian01/02/2019$4.00This is the textbook I used for Advanced Web Development (IT4423)
152018-12-30 10:21:271Tony DangMessagingGoodHardcoverTextbook9780073019673Essentials of Economics1st EditionStanley L. BrueMcGraw-Hill/IrwinKennesaw State University Marietta Campus12/29/2018$5.00I used this book for my economics course.
142018-12-30 10:21:241Tony DangMessagingFairPaperbackTextbook9780470509470Java Concepts6th EditionCay HorstmannJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.Kennesaw State University Marietta Campus12/29/2018$20.00I used this book for Java II.
132018-12-30 10:21:201Tony DangMessagingGoodPaperbackTextbook9780470512166Digital Multimedia3rd EditionNigel ChapmanJohn Wiley & Son, LtdKennesaw State University Marietta Campus12/29/2018$5.00
122018-12-30 10:21:171Tony DangMessagingGoodHardcoverTextbook9781118871645HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites1st EditionJon DuckettJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.Kennesaw State University Marietta Campus12/29/2018$20.00I used this book to self-teach myself HTML and CSS. It is an HTML and CSS reference book.
102018-09-12 17:27:49258Sergio TuberquiaMessagingLike NewPaperbackTextbook978039361736The Norton Field Guide4th EditionRichard BlalockNorton Field GuideKennesaw State University Kennesaw Campus12/01/18$20.00